Invest with us

We are opening up an investment opportunity. Minimum 20 lacs required.(or in multiple of 20 lacs). Return could be 2% to 3% per month.

The Edge of this investment is that amount will remain in your account only.If any time you think you’re not getting returns as promised you can stop our services on same day. (As their is no minimum guarantee of returns, However we have delivered  0.3% to 10.4% per month in 2020 that can be verified with our existing clients)

You can Choose Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly/Quaterly return payment option Directly in your Bank Account.

Performance in 2020

Jun-202.8%Dec-20 *6.2%
*Dec-20 is calculated till 18th December 2020
Total 60.9% in year 2020

For further clarity call CA Sanjay Arora :+ 91 9873709194

Pre-requisit To Start :

  1. Valid Aadhar Card & PAN Card
  2. Operational DEMAT Account
  3. Net Banking Facility

Our Fees: If no return is Earned on your Investment or It is Less than Bank FDR rate than No Charges. otherwise we will share profit in 1:1 ratio.